Monday, November 23, 2009

Driving Directions with Weather

Weather Underground Road Trip Planner

Weather Underground have launched a new service integrating weather conditions with driving directions. Weather Underground’s Road Trip Planner provides point-by-point driving directions for journeys as well as weather forecasts every five kilometres along the route.

Both the directional information and the weather data is displayed on a Google Map. Weather forecasts update dynamically depending on the departure date and time specified for the trip itinerary and can go as far out as seven days. For longer journeys, Weather Underground’s new Road Trip Planner is able to accommodate up to four different legs of a traveller's road trip.

The Road Trip Planner points out detailed weather events that could affect driving and road conditions including: below freezing temperatures, snow storms, rain and hail, all of which indicate unfavourable and potentially dangerous driving conditions. The Road Trip Planner allows drivers to make appropriate preparations for the smoothest and safest drive possible.



Anonymous said...

thank you man! I was searching for some ideas to develop a site for my business..your blog is full of resources!

Blaise Bailey Finnegan III, ESQ said...

This *would have* been just what I've been looking for, but unfortunately it doesn't work with Canadian destinations. has had the same feature for awhile, but it rarely works for Canadian destinations either.

knw me knw life said...

hello guys,

Thanks to share your idea this is very helpful but would you like tell me that hows we can get the google direction map with the whether. means which api or what prameter to be send to to get the direction map along with the whether.
Thank you.

Scott said...

doesn't really work. Nice Seo blog post, but it doesnt work.

Norm said...

I wish weather underground would fix this so it would work. It's a great idea but they failed. Too bad.

Norm :<(