Monday, November 30, 2009

The Geograph API - Part 2

This is the second part of Google Maps mashups using the Geograph API. Geograph has over 1.5 million photographs covering a large area of Great Britain and of Ireland and is a great resource for developers in the UK to provide images in their map mashups


CanalPlanAC is an interactive guide to the inland waterways of Europe, it plans journeys, calculates the length (distance, number of locks, time taken etc) of your trip and shows information on places along the way, e.g. pubs, shops and museums.

The site uses the Google Maps API to show a map for each of the locations in its database and the Geograph API to show a corresponding photograph. is a Google Maps based guide to the Isle of Arran in Scotland. The map contains 931 photos, 77 virtual tours and a large number of points of interest on the island. The site includes a handy rating system so you can view the top rated and the most viewed entries. It is also possible to view locations by category.


This UK event listings site uses the Google Maps API to show the location of listed events and uses the Geograph API to show relevant photographs. It is possible to search for events by date, location and by type of event.

The map view shows live traffic data, the location of traffic cams and nearby garages.

Potton Online
Potton Online has a nice Google Map for this small town in Bedfordshire, England. The map includes a lot of categories of map marker, including pubs, food and public transport. The map uses the Geograph API to show photographs of local points of interest.

The Geograph API
The Geograph API - Part 1


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