Saturday, June 12, 2010

2010 Ski Season on Google Maps

Yes, today is the start of the 2010 ski season. At least it is for our Aussie friends.

a post on Australian weather and skiing maps. Here is my pick of Arek's picks:


The Perisher Blue Si Resort are using the Google Maps API to display their resort map. Using the Google Maps API is an inspired choice at it allows Perisher to turn a static image map into an interactive map that can provide lots of additional information about locations on the map.

The map overlays a trail map of the resort on top of Google Maps and uses categorised map markers to display important locations at the resort. The map includes a number of embedded 360 degree images from selected points on the mountain tops, that can be viewed directly on the map.

Snowfields Weather Maps

The easiest way to look up weather conditions for winter resorts is to visit snowfields weather maps for NSW and Victoria. The maps show the locations of the resorts, the latest temperature from the Bureau of Meteorology weather stations as well as links to the latest forecasts for the regions.

Embedded webcams from several resorts allow users to check the actual snow conditions for themselves. The maps are a good starting point for exploration of more detailed information about each of the resorts.

Another website maintaining comprehensive winter weather information, including long range forecasts and snowfall models, is, offshoot of the popular, also has some relevant information covering Australian snowfields.


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