Sunday, June 13, 2010

Historical Videos on Google Maps

There and Then

Inspired by the excellent Historypin I decided to revisit an old experiment of mine that allows you to embed video within a Street View. I was impressed with the results enough to create a number of examples using mainly historical videos from the early 20th century and time-lapse videos of famous tourist attractions around the world.

'There and Then' is my attempt to create a map based portal to these Street View video examples. The map uses a Google Fusion Table to hold the data. This means I can query the data and provide a time-line beneath the map. The time-line allows you to choose to select to view videos from a specific decade.

When you select to view a particular Street View you need to use the buttons beneath the map to control the embedded video. If you want to know how I created the map from a Google Fusion Table then read this tutorial. If you want to know how I embedded the video within Street View then you just need to view the code on any of mapped examples.

Happy time-travelling - There and Then.


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