Sunday, June 27, 2010

Apps4NSW Winners

The New South Wales Government, in Australia, has just announced the winners of its recent Apps4NSW competition. The competition was aimed at 'stimulating innovative and beneficial use of NSW information'.

Not surprisingly Google Maps featured promisingly in the named winners. Australian mapping blog All Things Spatial, as ever, has been very kind in sharing its knowledge of the winners with Google Maps Mania.

Demographic Drapes

Demographic Drapes was named joint winner of the competition with Suburban Trends.

Demographic Drapes is an OpenLayers application using Google Maps. It includes a number of thematic layers with pollution statistics and various administrative boundaries.

Suburban Trends

Suburban Trends is a very impressive thematic mapping application with ABS population statistics and various crime related information. The Google Map makes great use of dynamically loaded vector polygons of suburbs and the Google Chart API.

Bike Community Hub

Bike Community Hub won second place in the competition. The site features a Google Map showing the location of all road accidents featuring cyclists.

The map uses numbered map markers to show the location of accidents involving cyclists and to show how many accidents there have been at each location. In this way cyclists are able to see at a glance where accident black spots are located.

Via: All Things Spatial


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