Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Traffic Cams Added to Driving Directions

Check Your London Driving Route for Traffic

Google Maps mashups based on Transport for London data are now coming thick and fast. Last week Tfl, the body responsible for public transport in the UK capital, released a Transport for London API. Yesterday we saw the Live London Underground Map and, this morning came, Live Line, two mashups built on real-time train positions on the London Underground network.

This afternoon I found this traffic webcam map for London. The map lets you get driving directions for any route in London and then view all the traffic cams along the route. This allows drivers to see at a glance how much traffic is on the roads on the planned route.

This is a great idea that I don't think I've seen implemented elsewhere. Considering that traffic cam feeds are fairly abundant around the world I have a feeling a lot of map developers will jump on this idea and create something similar for other cities. At least I hope so.


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