Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Poland Google Maps Mashup Roundup


Maperia is a local search site for Poland. Maperia uses Google Maps to help users search for local businesses. Users can also use Maperia to upload photos and movies and comment on locations.

To search for a local business users can enter a category, e.g. 'restaurants', and a location. The results of a search are then returned on the map. If you click on the map marker of any of the returned results its details are loaded in the map sidebar.

Quick links are provided at the top of the map to users' saved 'Locations', 'Photos', and 'city maps'.


Whether you want to share a location to meet or to show people where you have been Mapia is a great way to share a location with your friends. Mapia allows users to add a photograph of a location to a Google Map and add a short description.

Users don't have to register with Mapia to add photos and comments. All you need to do is click on the map and upload a photograph and add a comment. You are then given a link to your location on the map.

You can share your link with friends by social network or by e-mail. When your friends open your link they will be taken to a Google Map of your saved location, with your photograph and with your comment.

Poznaj Google Maps API
Poznaj is a great Polish language tutorial for creating mashups with the Google Maps API. The site has sections for v2 and v3 of the Google Maps API and links to other resources and guides.

The site includes examples of Google Maps throughout the tutorial so users are always able to check their results against the original map.


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