Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Real-Time London Tube Map - Updated

Live London Underground Map

This is one occasion when the screenshot really doesn't do a map any favours. Imagine the image above but with all the red map markers moving. Actually, don't imagine it, click on the link and view the map for real.

This Google Map shows in real-time the location and movement of London Underground trains. I actually live next to a London Underground line and I've been able to check the accuracy of the map by looking out my window to see if the trains are where the map says they are. Overall it seems amazingly accurate.

The yellow markers show the location of Underground stations. The animated red markers (the trains) can be clicked on to see which line they are on, which station they are approaching and when they will arrive. Great fun!

Live Line

Live Line is taking the same Transport for London data and using it to show the real-time position of Underground trains without a map. Instead Live Line uses colour-coded horizontal lines with station markers (see screenshot).

The numbers on the lines show the position of the trains. The numbers move in real-time to show the trains' current positions. Seeing this visualisation of TfL data makes me think that it is only a matter of time before someone produces a Harry Beck designed Underground Map with live trains.

Hat-tip: @tomcoates



Anonymous said...

The data is from TfL who recently opened up some of their data - no schedules yet though. But rumour has it they're in the pipeline.

Eric said...

Looked around wondering why there weren't any trains running. Then I realised it was 5:20am in London.