Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Measuring Distance with Google Maps

Distance Measurement Tool

Google Maps Labs has a new distance measurement tool. If you select the tool from Google Maps a small ruler will be added to the bottom of the map next to the distance scale.

If you click on the ruler tool you can then measure the distance between any two points on the Earth by clicking on the map. If you want to measure further you can carry on clicking on the map to add further points.

The map comes with an 'I feel geeky' option that allows you to change the measurement units. There are a large number of measurement units available, including Olympic swimming pool lengths and American football pitches alongside the more traditional units such as kilometres and miles.

The Distance Measurement Tool also works with the Google Earth view in Google Maps.

Hat-tip: Mapperz via Google Operating System



distance measurement said...

Been using it for awhile, it is great for tracking how long your runs were.

Unknown said...

"farther" not "further". It is a comparison of distance not of degree of extent.