Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Japanese Google Maps Mashups Round-up

Tokyo Subway and Railway Lines Map

The Tokyo Subway and Railway Lines Map lets you view any of Tokyo's many subway and railway lines on a Google Map.

It is possible to select any line from the drop down menu. After you have selected a line, if you click 'Select Station', you can then choose from any of the stations on the line. The information window for each station also includes links that will forward you to the next station on the line or take you to the previous station.

The map also includes a nifty little current location feature. In the top right corner the current map location is shown in the form of breadcrumb, e.g. country > town > neighbourhood.

Earthquake Timeline

From the same Japanese map developer comes this earthquake timeline. The timeline shows earthquakes around the world in the last 24 hours.

The day's earthquakes are pinpointed on a Google Map and also displayed by hour in the timeline. It is possible to select a quake from the timeline or click on its map marker to view further details about that earthquake.

Japanese Weather

This simple but effective map shows Japanese weather and recent earthquake information on a Google Map.

Weather symbols are overlaid on the map to show the current weather conditions throughout Japan. You can click on the weather map markers to get further details, such as the current temperature at that location.


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Anonymous said...

That Tokyo train line map is cool. Just one more to add to the list here. Over at I'm working on a map of sento (public baths) in Japan.