Thursday, June 10, 2010

New York World Cup Bars on Google Maps

Where to Watch the World Cup

To get the best atmosphere when watching World Cup games you need to be in the company of nationals of at least one of the teams playing. Using this map you can find a bar or restaurant in New York that is showing the game in an area with high concentrations of residents who trace their roots to the nations in the tournament.

The Wall Street Journal has created this Google Map for the five boroughs of New York. The map shows the location of bars and restaurants that are showing the World Cup. As well as the bars and restaurant the map can show you where immigrants from each of the World Cup nations are concentrated in New York.

So, for example, if you want to watch Italy play you can see that the Gravesend area has a high concentration of residents who trace their roots to Italy. You can then see that Tasty Pizza, in the heart of the area, are showing the World Cup games and that this would be a good place to watch the Italy games.

The data for the map is based on the 2000 census.

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