Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Watch & Tweet the Footie with Google Maps


WM-Mania has gone World Cup mad. They have produced a number of Google Maps based pages to help German's support their team.

The main page includes a Google Map displaying over 16,000 Sky Sports bars in Germany that are showing the World Cup games. You can click on any one of the bars to Tweet to your friends where you are watching the game. Each marker also includes a link to a details page about the bar, where you can also post a message to Facebook.

The main page features a live Tweets stream that shows all the latest Tweets sent from the site.

WM - Stadium Special

The Stadium Special page lets you view the Google Maps Street View for each of the World Cup stadia. The page also includes information from Wikipedia about each of the stadia and the latest photos from Flickr.

You can also view the results of matches played at each one of the stadia and view the upcoming fixtures.

If by this time you are a little tired of Google Maps you can head over to the Schedule page. Here you can view the latest group tables, the fixture schedules and the match results.

WM-Mania is a joint project from Ubilabs and Sky-Sport-Bars.


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