Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Extraordinary Journey on Google Maps

The Extraordinary Taxi Ride

Western Australia Tourism has used Google Maps to help share the experiences of their 'extraordinary' taxi driver and his lucky passengers. The agency hired a taxi driver, Doug Slater, and sent him off on the adventure of a lifetime around Western Australia. The journey consisted of 11 legs and the agency selected a different pair of passengers to take part in each of the journey legs.

The Google Map shows the route that Doug Slater took on his journey and links to the stories and photographs compiled by his passengers. The map includes some of the wonderful locations and sights that can be seen in Western Australia.

It also features a 'Local Experts Recommend' section. These are 'must see' locations in Western Australia that have been added by locals. If you know of a special spot in Western Australia you can even add it to the map yourself.

According to the WA Tourism Minister "…the campaign website had more than 160,000 visits, with people spending 15,000 hours following the ride. The campaign has many months to go, but already generated media exposure worth more than $2.6 million and reached a potential global audience of more than 60 million."

Via: All Things Spatial


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