Sunday, June 13, 2010

LA & Chicago Homicides on Google Maps

LA Times Homicide Report

The Los Angeles Times is using Google Maps to show the locations of all homicides in Los Angeles county. The map allows the user to view the locations of all homicides going back to 2007.

The map uses circular map markers to show homicides and clusters of homicides. The bigger the circle then the more murders took place at that location. This allows the user of the map to tell at a glance where the most murders have taken place. For example, this year the Compton / Lynwood area stands out as being the most dangerous place to live.

If you roll over the circular map markers a number appears telling you the total number of homicides in that area. The names of the victims are also highlighted in the map sidebar. It is possible to query the map by address, by name or by neighbourhood.

Redeye Chicago Homicides Map

The Chicago Redeye has 'repurposed' the code of the LA Times Homicide Map to create a homicide map for Chicago. The map shows the locations of homicides in the city dating back to 2008.

The map works exactly the same as the LA Times map, which means that users can query the map by location, name or by neighbourhood.


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