Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Trains Added to Google Maps for Android

Google Maps for Android version 4.3 has added new features to help you quickly choose the right place to grab dinner, catch the next train, and find friends to add in Latitude.

Public transit station pages have been given a boost with Google Maps for Android 4.3. Now if you select a transit station icon on Google Maps you will find a handy list of the next departure times for trains, subway trains, and / or buses.

The new version of Google Maps also makes it easy for you to add friends to Google Latitude. At the bottom of your Google Latitude friends list you will now find a link to add more friends from your contacts list.

Google have also made it easier for Android users to get reviews of places. Instead of taking you straight to full reviews of places, with Google Maps for Android 4.3 you will now see color-coded review bars giving you an overview of what people think about the location. If you tap one of the review bars you can get more details like the actual review snippets.

Hat-tip: Mapperz Via: Official Google Mobile Blog


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