Thursday, June 24, 2010

iPhone4 Tweets on Google Maps

iPhone4 Tweets Map

Today a lot of people have decided to spend their time queuing outside Apple Stores. Whilst queuing an inordinate amount of potential customers have been Tweeting from their old iPhones. Apparently it's incredibly exciting.

If you haven't been able to spare the time to stand in line then you can replicate the experience with this iPhone4 Tweet map. Mibazaar's map animates through the latest Tweets to mention Apple's phone. So now you too can imagine that you are stuck in a queue outside a shop listening to a bunch of mobile phone phreaks rhapsodise about a little a bit of plastic.

OK, I am jealous.

And if I had an iPhone4 I would be busy Tweeting about it as well.

And I do love Mibazaar's animated Tweet maps!


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