Saturday, October 30, 2010

18th Century Book Trade on Google Maps

Atlas of the Rhode Island Book Trade

The Rhode Island Historical Society are using Google Maps and the MIT Simile Timeline to map as many members of the Rhode Island book trade in the 18th Century as possible.

The data on the Atlas was derived from dozens of sources, ranging from maps and histories of Rhode Island towns to land records and court documents. If you scroll the timeline above the map then the map will load the relevant markers for that period of the 18th century.

The markers on the map show the location of printers and booksellers. If you click on a marker the information window explains when and where the member of the book trade was active. You can also click a link to access the full record in the database. Each marker also contains a precision rating that helps explain how precisely the marker is located.



"Guppy" Honaker said...

maps of book sellers - we'll see how long they last in the e-world of the 21st century.

- David

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Marshall said...

Sounds like the beginning of something that could be beautiful!