Monday, October 25, 2010

Win Win with Google Maps

Go Uniqlo

Clothing Store Uniqlo are giving Malaysians three chances a day to win an item of clothing with this imaginative Google Maps game.

To play the game you need to create a clothing trail. To do this you simply need to enter a location. A trail will then be created from your location to Kuala Lumpur. The trail consists of a number of photographs of worldwide destinations and items from the Uniqlo range.

If you click on any of the items of clothing you can read details about the clothes and, if you are lucky, you might also find that you have won the selected item. Unfortunately for the rest of the world the game is only open to Malaysian citizens.

This isn't the first time Uniqlo have used Google Maps to promote its brand. Last year Uniqlo created a stunning video and Google Maps synchronisation. Unfortunately the map seems to have taken a dive into the dead-pool, but you can still watch this video of the map in action:


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