Thursday, October 07, 2010

Share Your Travels with the World

Travellerspoint Trip Maps

Travellerspoint is an attractive and easy to use application for creating a map of your travels. Using Travellerspoint you can quickly create a Google Map to showcase a trip that you are planning or have made. The application can also be used to show all of your trips on one attractive map.

Using Travellerspoint you can quickly create a trip map, simply entering your destinations. Travellerspoint will then create a map of your trip and automatically provide background information about each of the destinations on your journey from travellerspoint's own wiki travel guide.

If you want to plot separate journeys on one map you can do that. Separate colours are used for each trip and the user can control which colour each trip gets. You can add information about each stop and you can add photographs from your trip. You can even control the curve of each trip line.

You can embed your finished map on external sites and you can share the map with your Facebook friends.

Travellerspoint currently has over 1,000,000 trip stops mapped in its system.


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