Saturday, October 02, 2010

Google Map of the Week

Vodafone Hometown GP

Vodafone Hometown GP builds a 3D racetrack based on your personally designed track and then lets you race against the clock on your very own creation.

The game uses Google Maps to let you build a racetrack anywhere in the world. Just zoom in on a location and you can start building your track by laying it out on the road map of your chosen location.

When you have laid out your track you can decorate it with signs and roadside buildings. Once you have decorated your track you are ready to burn some rubber.

The game lets you race against the clock on your 3D racetrack. The game involves downloading a plug-in but it is worth it for some pretty impressive 3D graphics and some pretty impressive game-play. Don't believe me? Then check out this YouTube video:

When you tire of racing on your track you can save it and share it with the world via Twitter and Facebook.


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