Monday, October 18, 2010

Create Your Own Smartphone Guides


Geodelic is a smartphone application that allows you to search for nearby points of information. From the Geodelic app you can search for places around you based on distance, relevance, and interest. Geodelic also lets you create your own GeoGuides that you can then access from your iPhone or Android phone.

To create a GeoGuide you first need to choose a location using Google Maps. Once you have chosen your location you can then search for points of interest to add to your guide. To add points of interest you just need to enter a term into the search box. For example, you can choose to view local cafes, restaurants, bars or museums. Geodelic will then add points of interest to the map that match your search criteria. To add any of the mapped POI's to your guide you just need to select it and press 'add'.

Once you have added all the points of interest that you want to your guide you can then add categories. You can create any category that you want. For example, you can add a 'restaurant' category and then add all your selected points of interest that are restaurants to that category.

Once you have finished creating your GeoGuide you can then publish it and share it with the world. After your GeoGuide has been published you can access it from your Android device or iPhone. You now have your own personal guide for your chosen location.


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