Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Community Action on Google Maps

Creek Speak

Creek Speak is an oral history project that uses Google Maps to present the stories of people and places near Newtown Creek, New York. The map is part of the Creek Speak Project which has been designed to inspire community action by identifying shared health and environmental concerns and demonstrating the possibilities for positive change.

To listen to the stories of Newton Creek or read about some of the places mentioned in these stories just click on the map markers. When you click on a marker an information window opens with texts, photos and audio provided by Newtown Creek citizens.

Creek Speak was created using HabitatMap, an online mapping and social networking platform designed to maximize the impact of community voices on city planning and strengthen ties between organizations and activists working to build greener, greater cities.


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Online RSA said...

That's actually a really good idea, I think I'll make a community map of my own ;)