Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Virtual Tours with Google Maps


VistaZoo is a new Google Map to showcase the 3D panoramic photographs created with 3DVista products. 3DVista have created a suite of products to help photographers create 360 degree panoramic images. VistaZoo showcases some of the panoramas created on one Google Map.

It is possible to browse the uploaded 3D panoramas by category or by location. The panoramas are displayed on the map with thumbnail images. If you click on an image you can click through to view the uploaded virtual tour.

VistaZoo has a nice '3D' feature that allows you to view the Google Map tiles from an oblique custom view. The oblique view can be applied to the map, satellite, hybrid or terrain views of Google Maps.


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Maps of the world said...

That look like a really cool tool to play with, but info on many countries is still missing from the maps