Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mapping Mood with Twitter & Google Maps


Twittermood is an attempt to show the mood of the USA based on Twitter messages.

Twittermood estimates the mood of all tweets for which the author has provided a location. The mood of each individual tweet is based on the Affective Norms for English Words a set of 1034 words, identified as bearing emotional weight.

The size of each circle on the map is proportional to the number of tweets recorded at that location. The colour of each circle reflects the mood, with yellow showing moods above average and blue below average. Mood of the Nation Map

Has 2010 put you in a #goodmood or #badmood? This Twitter and Google Maps mashup from uses Tweets to give an overview of a frankly rather grumpy UK.

The Mood of the Nation Map bares many similarities to the #UKSnow Map, which isn't very surprising as it is from the same developer, Ben Marsh. You should also check out Ben's #ukhols map, that uses Twitter and Google Maps to show where people in the UK are going on their holidays.

Tweet Sentiments provides a snapshot view of the world's mood via a heat map from an analysis of Tweets. The site uses Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning technologies to analyse Tweets from around the world and then presents the results on a Google Map.

As well as a heat map overlay the map also geo-tags individual Tweets.


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Russian Sphinx said...

Thank you for sharing, great maps, it would be good to see mood of other nations