Thursday, October 21, 2010

Making a Sundial with Google Maps

How to Make a Sundial

Today, children, we will be making a sundial to hang on your garden fence or wall.

To create your own sundial you will need:
  • one sheet of paper
  • one Google Map
  • a pair of scissors
  • a printer
Damia Soler has created a site explaining how to create a sundial for your garden that uses Google Maps to ensure your sundial is accurate to the exact coordinates of where it will be located.

To create your sundial you just need to find your house on Soler's Google Map application. Then copy the line of the wall that you wish to use for your sundial in satellite view and decide on which face of the wall that your sundial will be placed.

A pdf of your sundial is then automatically created which you can print out, fold and then hang at the chosen location.



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