Sunday, October 24, 2010

Wikileaks Iraq War Logs - Part Two

A Day in the Life of the War

WikiLeaks has released the largest classified military leak in history, around 400,000 secret field reports from Iraq. The Guardian's - Every Death in Iraq uses Google Fusion Tables to map every death in Iraq as found in the Wikileaks Iraq war logs.

The Guardian have also used Google Maps to visualise one day in the life of the war in Iraq. The day in question is 17th October 2006 in which 136 Iraqis were killed, 10 Americans died and hundreds of violent incidents occurred. The Guardian's visualisation maps the logs over the 24 hours minute by minute.

The visualisation uses a static Google Map with an interesting transparent overlay, the opacity of which is changed to reflect the time of day, making the map darker during night-time and lighter during the day.

Eksta Bladet - Vejsidebomberne i Irak

Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet has used Google Fusion tables with Google Maps to map the attacks on the allied forces by roadside bombs (Improvised Explosive Devices).

Ekstra Bladet has analysed the 400,000 WikiLeaks Iraq war logs which show that nearly half of the fallen soldiers from the international forces were killed in attacks by roadside bombs: 2,065 soldiers were killed and 16,949 were injured.

The data for the map can be found in this Fusion Table.

Zoom Ind på Alle Rapporterne

Ekstra Bladet have also created a Google Map that shows all of the 391,832 war log reports.

The map uses the Maptimize marker clustering solution to effectively display the 391,832 markers.


WikiLeaks War Logs
WikiLeaks have themselves included a Google Map on every one of the war logs to show the location of the incident reported. You can search the war logs at WikiLeaks by type, date and location.

You can also download the data from The Guardian's Datablog.

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