Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Your Personal Android Tour Guide


This Android phone application acts as your personal tour guide and tells you about nearby points of interest as you drive or walk by. The GeoReader app uses the GPS location technology on your phone to identify nearby points of interest and uses the phone’s text to speech capability to enable you to listen to what has been written about the location.

GeoReader allows users to add their own 'Talking Points' to the map. Users can add a message and assign it to a location using Google Maps. Then when another user enters the area the text will be spoken out to them on their Android phone.

Currently the app has over 111,000 points of interest, covering roadside markers, historical bridges. The app has lots of information for states such as Texas, Virginia, Georgia, Oregon, Michigan. It includes Pennsylvania's entire historical roadside marker collection and lots of other points of interest in the rest of the USA and Canada.

The crowdsourcing features of GeoReader should ensure that the rest of the world soon has much more coverage.


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cookie said...

This app has tremendous potential