Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Fun with Google Maps

No Wi-Fi on Everest

After checking out the reviews of Mount Everest on Google Maps I have decided to cancel my planned ascent. Apparently there's no wi-fi and they don't have Starbucks!

Google Local reviews are usually a very good source of information for restaurants and shops. Just occasionally however when you crowdsource information in this way the results can be more hilarious than useful. Google Maps users have been having a little fun with the reviews for Mount Everest.

Penguin Pegman

One of the little Easter Eggs in the most recent Street View update on Google Maps was the penguin icon used to replace Pegman for the Antarctica imagery. It has taking a little while to track down the source of the icons - but here it is.

Big Foot Found on Street View

Google Sightseeing have found Sasquatch taking a dip just off the Trans-Canada Highway.


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