Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Google Latitude Just Got Interesting

Google Latitude

Google have revamped Google Latitude for the browser and added some very nice new features. Now you can view where your friends are and share your location from your desktop. You can also visualise your location history in some pretty cool ways.

Previously you have been able to use Google Latitude from your desktop via an iGoogle application but the new Google Latitude lets you view your friends current location on a large Google Map and also lets you view stats based on your location history.

The map shows your current location and the last check-ins of your Latitude friends. The history stats includes a breakdown of the number of hours you have spent at home, work and out and about. It shows you a map of all the countries you have visited and it lets you view an animation of your check-ins to Latitude for any defined time period.

The animation of your check-ins to Latitude on Google Maps (accessed by the 'view and manage' tab') is a very nice feature. It lets you replay your location for any day and shows the time and location for each time your location has been recorded by Latitude. You can also download the data in KML so there is great potential for Latitude users to create their own Google Map animations or heat maps of their recorded locations.

Google Latitude has definitely now become a lot more interesting.

Via: Google LatLong


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