Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Carbon Credit Trading Maps

Sandbag.org is a campaign group dedicated to fighting climate change and promoting a low-carbon future. They have produced a number of Google Maps that look in particular at the European Union's Emissions Trading System.

We have reviewed the Sandbag Emissions Map on Google Maps Mania before. This map helps users to explore how the emissions trading system is operating in the European Union. The map shows how much carbon is being emitted by businesses, by whom and how many permits they were given.

The Carbon Fat Cats Map looks at some of Europe's biggest polluters and companies who have been given far more carbon allowances than they need.

The Sandbag Offset Map looks more closely at how businesses are trading their carbon credits around the world. The map explores exactly who is buying what from whom, allowing users to match the overseas projects that are generating permits (CERs) to the European installations which are using them to comply with their caps.

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