Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Tracking City Flow with Google Maps

The car ride company Uber has created some nice Google Map visualisations of their journey data looking at the number of trips taken between different neighbourhoods in a number of cities.

In Mapping the San Franciscome (full map here) you can see the popularity of journeys between San Francisco's different neighbourhoods. 35 of San Francisco’s neighborhoods are examined in the visualisation. At the centre of each neighborhood is a circle, the size of which represents the proportion of rides that flow into that neighborhood.

Every neighbourhood that sends a ride out has a line of the same colour as the source neighbourhood connecting it to its destination. The weight of each line represents the proportion of rides that go from the source neighbourhood to its target.

Uber has created similar mapped visualisations for nine other U.S. cities. You can view static images of the maps on this Mapping a City's Flow blog post.

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