Monday, November 19, 2012

Finding Cheap Flights with Google Maps

Skypicker is a low-cost flight search engine for Europe that wants to make it very easy to find the cheapest flights.

Skypicker is primarily aimed at travellers who aren't concerned about the dates of flights but just want to quickly find the cheapest flights to a chosen destination. To this end the site uses a Google Maps interface that allows users to simple click on a country or individual airport to set a starting point and a destination.

Once two countries or two airports have been selected on the map Skypicker displays the cheapest flights with important additional information, such as departure dates and the duration of the flight.


tuhoang said...

Gorgeous map. I just booked one flight to Berlin for freaking 80 euros!

Becca@Seo Services Melbourne said...

Thanks google maps, this is very nice experience to find at least lower air price. Good job!