Sunday, November 11, 2012

Remembrance, Armistice & Veterans Day

Around the world today is a day of remembrance for those who have served in the armed service.

Global News has created one of the most powerful maps of remembrance. The Map of Toronto's World War Dead really helps to convey how the war devastated whole communities. The map shows the addresses of those who died in WWI in Toronto. As Global News say,

"Suffering on a historic scale easily becomes abstract, but was experienced at the time as personal and intimate, as households lost specific husbands and fathers to bullets, shells, gas or disease".

Whilst many of us will struggle to fully understand the suffering of those who served or who lost loved ones in the war the map is a very powerful visualisation of the scale of suffering caused by the war.

In an article that accompanies the map Global News highlight Shannon Street as an example of the devastation caused to communities. Ten soldiers from this street alone died in the war.

The Google For Veterans website, includes three Google Earth plug-in tours exploring the service of three individual soldiers.The tours were created with Tour Builder a tool that Google is planning to release soon that will allow soldiers and veterans to build their own 3D tours of the places where they have served, complete with stories, photos and videos.

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