Monday, November 12, 2012

The Streets of San Francisco

Home.Land.Security say that there are many websites dedicated to mapping crime but not many that are mapping where people feel vulnerable because of the police themselves.

Home.Land.Security claim that many individuals  "including people of color, queer folks, and undocumented immigrants" see a police presence as itself a threat. They have therefore determined to map police shootings and targeted arrests for what they call "quality of life" crimes in San Francisco. 

The Home.Land.Security map allows users to view the locations of 'Officer Involved Shootings' and reported  "Quality of Life Crimes". It is also possible to load demographic data onto the map and to view San Francisco neighborhood boundaries. 


Unknown said...

Very useful!

While I think a lot of these minorities exaggerate those police shootings for their *15 seconds of fame* due to moral deprive I still agree these maps are not only helpful but can actually save your life and property to avoid bad areas.

Unknown said...

If you've notice it's mostly minorities that commit the most violent crimes.

Now before I get wrongfully accused of being racist I fully admit white people commit crimes too but they are usually more *subtle* meaning it's more hidden
such as rich bankers evading their Federal taxes or Credit Card Fraud.etc until someone gets too nosey then unfortunate accidents tend to happen.

Usually it's inside personal that gets too nosy that gets targeted.

Crimes committed by minorities and immigrants are usually violent and random where they literally trash their own neighborhood.

No this isn't anything new either unlike what the media may say otherwise.

This was starting to happen in the 50s where police were dealing with more and more robbery calls by colored people in once otherwise peaceful towns.

Conclusion is we need to stop being afraid to use *racial profiling* though call it something different so people won't be *offended* and throw tantrums.

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