Saturday, November 24, 2012

Twitter Trends on Google Maps

If you want to know what people are talking about right now around the world then Twitter is probably the best place to go. Twitter's trending algorithm identifies the most discussed topics on the micro-blogging platform and even displays the top trends by location.

Twordly is a Google Map which shows what is trending on Twitter around the world.

The application allows the user to view what is currently trending in different countries and even lets you drill down and view trending subjects at city level. If the user clicks on a map marker an information marker opens displaying the current top trends at that location. Select a trend on the map and you can then view that hashtag on Twitter.

TwitTRENDS also allows users to view local top trends on Twitter with a little help from Google Maps.

To use the application users can click anywhere in the world on a Google Map. A list of the nearest places nearby that are available as geo-located 'Trends' is then loaded beneath the map.

If you click on one of the cities listed you can view the top trends on Twitter for that location. Click on one of the trends and you can view the latest Twitter messages about that trend.

Trendsmap is probably the best map of Twitter trends. The map shows recent trends on Twitter live on a Google Map for any location that you choose.

Move the map and zoom in on any location and the Twitter trends shown on the map will update in real-time. The map is live, so if you leave the map zoomed in on one location you can see the trends growing and changing on the map over time.

When you click on a trend you can see the Tweets updating in the trends window. For each trend clicked on it is also possible to review a trend graph so that you can see the peaks and troughs of that trend over time, both locally and globally. Pictures that have been posted about that trend will also appear in the window.

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mpegg said...

Still think Trendsmap is one of the best ever mashups!