Thursday, November 29, 2012

Finding a Job with Google Maps

JobKaster is a Google Maps based job search application. Using the app job seekers can search for jobs by location and also submit their location, professional skills and resume to potential recruiters.

Jobs are displayed on the map using markers that show the name of the company recruiting. If users click on a map marker they can view details of the positions on offer. The details section includes an 'apply' button that will take the user to the recruiting company's own jobs page.

JobKaster can also be used by companies to post their currently available positions.

Currently JobKaster only works in the USA but the site has plans to broaden coverage soon to other countries.

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Paul Chittenden said...

Keir, thanks for introducing us (JobKaster) to the Google Maps Mania community!

I would like to mention that we are still in beta, and we will be releasing a new version soon.

More accurate results.
More jobs.
Better searching capabilities.
And more!