Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Create Longboard Runs with Google Maps

FindHills.com is a utility for longboarders to discover new runs to bomb, get data on hills, and share their runs with friends.

The tool is very simple to use. Users can use the search box to find a specific address. Then it is possible to click on the map twice to set a starting point and destination. The map markers can be dragged and dropped on the map to refine their exact location.

As soon as two markers are placed on the map a route is generated using Google Maps driving, bike or walking directions. The Google Maps API ElevationService is then used to show the highest and lowest point, the elevation change and the steepest point on the run. An elevation chart of the map is also created.

If you want to share a created run you can grab the URL of the search and even shorten the link with the built in link shortener.

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