Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Late Polls & then the Results on Google Maps

The Google US Election Results Map is now live. The map is updating as results are called.

The map shows states that have gone to Obama in blue and those states won by Romney are shown in red. A running tally is also displayed in the map sidebar.

Reuters has created two Google Maps for the U.S. Presidential Election.

The Reuters/Ipsos Electoral Map shows the latest results of their national poll of likely voters. The map was last updated yesterday and predicts a 201 to 190 lead to Obama with 147 votes still considered to be a 'toss up'. States on the map are colored to reflect who the polls say is most likely to win in the state.

The Presidential Election Results Map like the Google Map is updating in real-time as results are called.The map also follows the same design with states shaded to show which candidate has won and a running total for each candidate shown above the map.

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