Saturday, November 24, 2012

Live Music Reviews on Google Maps

#GDNGIG is a live music Google Map from The Guardian newspaper. The map hopes to capture the excitement and unforgettable moments at live concerts and share the experience with the rest of world.

If you are at a gig then you can share your photos, thoughts and reviews with the #GDNGIG map by posting a Twitter message, an Instagram photo or a comment on nOtice with the tag #gdngig. Bands themselves can also post their own photos and comments to the map. The Vaccines, Band of Horses, Dry the River, Tegan and Sara, and Aluna George are among those who have already used the #gdngig tag.

Judging by the current mapped reviews the hashtag seems to have only been adopted by UK gig goers but there is no reason why the map shouldn't work for live music worldwide. 

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