Saturday, November 17, 2012

Map Your Facebook Friends' Photos

Log-in to Roam7 with your Facebook account and you can instantly view all of your friends' travel photos on a handy Google Map.

If you click on a photo pinned to the map you can then see your selected friend's photos turned into a travel story. You can browse through all the photos posted from their trip and see where each photo was taken on its own Google Map.

Once you have logged into Roam7 you can also start adding your own trips to the map. Users can upload photos from a trip and caption the photos to tell a story about the trip. It is possible to include details about your trip, including where you stayed, how you got around and what you did on your journey.


Jeremy Norton said...

I gotta try this!

mehr Info said...

The only bad thing about doing this is that facebook now will have, not only, own all of the information but also where you and friends are moving. Weird for me. Useful for others.