Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Australian Solar Energy Maps

The Australian Photovoltaic Institute has released a series of maps designed to explore the Australian solar PV market and the PV potential of rooftops.

The Live Solar Potential Map allows home owners in a number of Australian cities to estimate the potential of roofs for electricity generation from PV. If you zoom in on the map you can draw around the outline of your roof and view an estimation of the likely power that could be generated from solar panels and the enrgy bill savings that could be made.

The Australian Photovoltaic installations map visualizes the  estimated percentage of dwellings that have a PV system and the total photovoltaic capacity installed for each each postcode and local government area in Australia.

Select an area on the map and you can view an estimation of the total number of dwellings, the number of dwellings with PV installations and the annual energy generated from PV in the area.

Hat-tip: All Things Spatial

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