Thursday, August 07, 2014

Wow - it's Mapbox GL

Mapbox has announced the release of Mapbox GL JS. I've only had a few hours to play with it so far but it already looks to be the most exciting and impressive mapping API on the market. It really does make the Google Maps API look dated, tired and jaded now.

Mapbox GL JS allows developers to create maps with very powerful options for dynamic styling and map interactivity on the client-side. It allows you to build maps whose styles can be updated in the browser. It also allows you to create some impressive map interactions, such as animated panning, moving and rotation.

I've started playing with the API and I'm already excited by the possibilities. It really makes the Google Maps API seem soooooo 2010. Here's a little demo upside-down map I created using Mapbox GL JS, which slowly changes the map style from light to dark and back again.

If you want to have a play yourself you should check out the API, the Getting Started Guide and these Examples.

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