Monday, August 18, 2014

Putting Sex on the Map

OpenLoveMap is a map designed to help you discover sex-shops, bordellos, strip-clubs, condom vending machines and other sex related locations.

You can search the map by location and the map uses categorized markers to help you quickly find the type of sexual establishment which you require. The map appears to use the Overpass API to retrieve the point of information data (amenity='stripclub' etc) from OpenStreetMap shared data.

PlacesforLove is a crowd-sourced map for sharing your favorite places to make love. The site specializes in outdoor locations where you go for a little al fresco love making. These could be parks, quiet beaches or just locations with beautiful views.

Currently the map has over 10,000 locations that have been recommended across the globe. You can add your own favorite locations to the map by completing a short form, rating the location for privacy and accessibility and leaving a short description.

The exotically entitled Fukodrom is another Google Map for the 'worldwide adventurist love-making community'.

The map is intended to provide a guide for those who don't have access to a private bedroom for their love making. Currently this crowd-sourced repository has mapped over 6,000 locations where people can have sex in cars or in the great outdoors.

If you have made use of the above maps you might want to share your experience with I Just Made Love. This application uses Google Maps to show the locations in the world where people have just had sex.

You can add your own marker to the map by right clicking on the map, choosing 'indoors' or 'outdoors' and leaving a comment. It is possible to filter the results shown on the map by gender, by location and by sexual orientation. This map has so far recorded 300,000 successful acts of sexual congress.

The Where Did You Wear It map from Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest is designed to promote safe sex. Users of the map are asked to check-in and report where they last used a condom. Reported check-ins (adjusted for anonymity) are then added to the map.

The map will hopefully prove useful in promoting the issue of safe sex but I'm guessing it could also prove useful to Planned Parenthood in targeting their support.

Users are asked to give a few details such as age, sex, the nature of the sexual encounter and the reasons why they used a condom. This data coupled with the location data will hopefully prove useful to Planned Parenthood in targeting their sexual health campaigns.

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