Monday, August 25, 2014

The World of Fiction Mapped

LibrAdventures is a new Google Maps based literary atlas which allows you to explore locations across the globe in terms of their association with famous authors and works of literature.

Users can explore the literary atlas in a number of ways. You can search the atlas by individual author, by literary genre or by location. A good place to start exploring the atlas is the Index page, which provides a complete list of all the entries. The index can be ordered by author name, by year and by location.

Individual entries on the map provide detailed textual context and the option to view the location in Google Maps Street View. Many of the entries also provide YouTube videos or audio clips of adaptions of the literary texts discussed.

The LitMap is another intersting Google Map which allows you to explore the texts associated with locations around the world. The LitMap maps books by where the plots occur or the places that they are associated with.

The LitMap maps any kind of literature, both fiction and non-fiction, that can be associated with a specific geographic location. The LitMap includes an option for users to submit book locations to the map. 

The poet Robert Frost said that "All literature begins with geography". Poetry Atlas agrees and also believes that nearly everywhere on Earth, at some point, has had a poem written about it.

The Poetry Atlas has therefore created a Google Map to try and geotag as many poems as they can and also find poems for as much of the world as possible. If you know about a poem that isn't on the map you can e-mail it to Poetry Atlas and they will add it to the map.

For over seven years now Google Lit Trips has been plotting the character journeys undertaken in famous works of literature.

The site plots the journeys of characters and locations mentioned in a large number of literary texts. Google Lit Trips is designed with school students in mind. Each location plotted in an individual text includes information windows containing a variety of resources, including media, thought provoking discussion starters and links to supplementary information about the locations featured.

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