Wednesday, August 06, 2014

The Drone Crash Map

Don't Fly Drones Here is a Mapbox map of drone no-fly zones in the United States. Areas in the US with drone flight restrictions, commonly in and around major airports, military bases and national parks, are displayed on the the map in red.

If you know of a drone no-fly zone missing from the map you can submit a ticket to the Don't Fly Drones Here map repository on GitHub and it will be added to the map. All the no-fly area data displayed on the map is also avaialble as open data under a CC-0 license.

The increasing popularity of drones and unmanned aerial vehicles has resulted in dozens of drone crashes across the US. Domestic Drone Accidents maps these domestic drone crashes in the United States.

The Domestic Drone Accidents map plots the locations of reported drone accidents. The map also provides information on the date of each crash, the drone operator, the type of UAV involved and a description of the crash.

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