Thursday, August 07, 2014

Hacking and Mapping Citibike Data

CartoDB's Map of the Week is this week an interesting tutorial on how to hack the Citibike website to retrieve and map your Citibike journeys (this is through your own log-in so I assume & hope you can only access your own data).

The tutorial shows you how to retrieve your Citibike data and then animate your bike rides over time using the Torque library. The tutorial includes two animated maps of two different Citibike users' bike data. As you play each map the cyclists' rides are added to the map over time to visualize all the places that they have ridden to using Citibikes.

The tutorial provides a great guide to any frequent Citibike user in New York who wants to visualize their usage of the city's bike sharing system and where they have ridden to in the city.

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