Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Mapping Seismic Activity at Bárðarbunga

Since 16th August there has been intense seismic activity at Bárðarbunga in Iceland. The seismic activity around the volcano, located under the Vatnajökull glacier in Iceland, has led to fears that the volcano may erupt. Yesterday the police closed and evacuated the area north of Vatna­jök­ull.

Aitor García Rey () has used CartoDB to create two maps of the ongoing seismic activity in the area around Bárðarbunga. Bárðarbunga - Last 72h in 10 Seconds is a Torque powered animated map of 72 hours of seismic activity. This map allows you to view the seismic activity in chronological order. The map was last updated yesterday (but seems to be getting daily updates).

The second map, Bárðarbunga: +1.6K Earthquakes in 72h, uses the same data to map the magnitude and depth of each recorded earthquake (the earthquake markers are scaled in size to represent their order of magnitude).

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