Monday, August 04, 2014

Mickey Mouse Mapping

Walt Disney World are using the Google Maps API to provide an impressive interactive map of the Orlando resort. The Explore Walt Disney World Resort map allows you to explore the resort by park and resort and to search for individual rides and attractions.

The map uses custom text labels and custom designed markers to create a very distinctive map. What makes the map really distinctive is the use of some awesome custom map image overlays.

The map actually contains a number of custom image maps overlaid on the Google Maps base layer which are controlled by the zoom level of the map. Zoom out on the map and the Magic Kingdom Park is displayed on the map using a small image overlay of Cinderella's Palace. When you zoom in on the map then custom image overlays for all of the park's resorts are added to the map.

The map also uses custom text labels controlled by the zoom level of the map. As you zoom in on a resort more and more labels are added to the map.

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