Monday, August 18, 2014

Go Berlin - The Map Guide to Berlin

If you live in Berlin, or have plans to visit the city any time soon, then you should immediately bookmark Go Berlin. This is the only map of Berlin that you are ever likely to need.

Go Berlin is a new events listings and city map from Berlin magazines Zitty and Tip Berlin. At the moment the map is only in an Alpha release stage but it is already an invaluable guide to discovering where to go and what to do in Germany's capital city.

Using the map you can search for upcoming events under the 'Programm' heading. Here you can find theatre, cinema, gigs and other events in the city. Select this option and the location of upcoming events will be added to the map. Click on a marker and you can view details about the event, including the address of the venue and the date and starting times of upcoming events.

The 'Gastro' section allows you to add the locations of cafes and restaurants to the map. Select a restaurant's marker and you can read a review of the restaurant and view all the details you need to book a table and find the restaurant.

As you browse the Go Berlin map you can star individual events and venues that catch your eye to create an individual map of all the restaurants, events and places which you plan to visit in the city.

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