Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Sounds on Street View - The Game

Back in March I made a little demonstration map using the Web Speech API. The Speaking Map allows you to click anywhere on a Google Map to listen to the address clicked on being spoken by your computer. The Web Speech API isn't widely supported yet - so to hear the map talk you will have to use a compliant browser. In this case you will probably need to view the Speaking Map in Chrome.

At the time I did wonder if anyone else might use the Web Speech API to create a map which was a little more useful. Internet agency Netro has now created a Street View game using the Web Audio API. This game might not be any more useful than my little demo map, but it sure is a lot more fun.

In the game you are teleported to a Street View location somewhere in the world. The object of the game is to follow the audio clues to find objects nearby. The game is a kind of 'hot or cold' searching game, as you get closer to the correct destination the audio clues get louder. Go in the wrong direction and the sound becomes quieter.

The Day Google Street View Stood Still has a number of levels. When you finish a level you are told how many steps you have taken and how long it took you to reach the correct destination. If you make one of the top ten quickest times you can even add your name to the high-score table.

Hat-tip: Google Street View World

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